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Why is Kharkiv National Medical University rapidly becoming hub for International Students for MBBS Course?
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Why is Kharkiv National Medical University rapidly becoming hub for International Students for MBBS Course?

Kharkiv National Medical University is an esteemed educational institution with a long and illustrious history. For over two centuries, the university has produced world-class practitioners, true experts in their fields, who effectively contribute to the advancement of medical science and practical health care. Students will acquire not only fundamental theoretical training, but also practical skills at our university, which will serve as a guarantee of professional growth and complete personal development for every student who is a part of the institution.

Approximately 8000 students are enrolled at the Kharkiv National Medical University, including over 4600 international students from 76 countries (India, Morocco, Nigeria, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon etc.) The faculty at Kharkiv National Medical University is experienced and they provide quality education the students. The international student department supports them with the admission and enrolment, and provides academic, cultural, social, and personal assistance. The International Students Department can help with all aspects of the application process, including accommodation, admissions, fees, immigration, arrival services, orientation as well as visa needs.

The University aids at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical training as a crucial component. The students are given all of the required equipment to participate in sports. There are three gymnasia (for games, gymnastics, and heavy athletics) available at the University. There are about 25 different sports units for the benefit of physical and therapeutic development of the students in the University. These include, arm-wrestling, badminton, basketball, checks, chess, cross-country skiing, fencing, fitness, football, handball, heavy athletics, kettlebell lifting, orienteering, powerlifting, gymnastics, table tennis, tennis, track and field athletics, volley-ball, cricket. There is a health and fitness centre as well. Sports complex and sports and recreation camp is also present.

About the City - Kharkiv

Kharkiv City, Ukraine

Kharkiv is a Ukrainian city situated in the north-eastern part of the country. It was founded in 1654 and is now Ukraine's second largest city after Kyiv. It was also the country's historic capital. Kharkiv is Ukraine's second largest educational centre. It is one of Eastern Europe's most rapidly rising centres of higher education and research. There are about 40 higher educational institutions, including public and private universities, academies, and other specialized institutes. Kharkiv offers a wide range of higher education options, with students able to pursue bachelor's, specialty, master's, or post-graduate degrees. Apart from that, Kharkiv is filled with entertainment as well. When the sun sets, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs come alive. Nonetheless, all of Kharkiv's historical monuments and architecture have been preserved. Aside from the city's various universities, there are lovely parks and recreational areas that draw students from all around Ukraine and beyond seeking higher education.

Courses Offered at Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University Lecture Hall_Medical Mantra

·  Medicine: The Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) offers a six-year medical program that leads to the degree of MD (MBBS/General Medicine). During the six-year undergraduate program, students learn a variety of subjects ranging from basic disciplines to specialized medical subjects.

·  Dentistry: The Dentistry faculty offers a five-year undergraduate program. The students learn the fundamentals of medical and biological profiles, as well as different clinical disciplines that a dentist must know. The degree offered is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).

·  Pharmacy: The Pharmacy Faculty consists of a five-year program that includes both obligatory and elective courses. Each semester, students typically enrol in 15-18 units.

·  Nursing: The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Kharkiv National Medical University is designed to prepare registered nurses to take on professional duties while working directly with patients. Nurses must be able to communicate effectively and participate in the development of healthcare. Nursing courses emphasize in-depth study of nursing theory and practice, as well as clinical skills training.

·  Post-Graduation: The Kharkov National Medical University provides postgraduate programs in a variety of medical disciplines. The study will last between two and three years. The faculty of postgraduate education offers internships and clinical internships in 50 medical disciplines.

The university provides equally good infrastructure and faculty for the theoretical and practical aspect of the course.

Kharkiv National Medical University Admission Process

Documents Required:

·  10th and 12th Marksheet

·  NEET marksheet

·  International passport (Original+ notary translated in Ukrainian)

·  Birth certificate (Original+ Notary translated in Ukrainian)

·  Passport size photos

·  Medical insurance (Original + Copy)

·  Payment slips of application fee (Original + Copy)

·  Visa application form filled

·  Invitation letter from the University (Original + Copy)

The university looks for applicants who have a genuine desire to become excelled doctors. Students must be ready with all the required documents. They are required to have 50% aggregate in biology, chemistry, and physics, and English. The age limit should be 16-25 years.

Kharkiv National Medical University Fee Structure

General medicine / MBBS / Medicine: (Duration: 6 years)

Tuition fee English medium

$4800 per year *

Tuition fee Russian medium

$4520 per year *


$600 - 1300 per year

Medical check-up

$100 per year

Medical insurance

$150 per year

Dentistry / BDS: (Duration: 5 years)

Tuition fee English medium

$5400 per year *

Tuition fee Russian medium

$4980 per year *



Nursing: (Duration: 3 years)

Tuition fee English medium

$2500 per year




Post-Graduation Education: (Duration: 2-3 years)

Tuition fee English medium

$6500 per year *

Tuition fee Russian medium

$4500 per year *


*The hostel, medical check-up and medical insurance fee is same for every course.



Kharkiv National Medical University Hostel

Kharkiv National Medical University has excellent hostel facilities, including completely furnished rooms and a campus close to the university. The hostels have a good 24-hour security and emergency services. Pairing the convenience of living on campus with access to amenities can help the students succeed academically. Hence the hostel rooms are equipped with a Wi-Fi network and are fully furnished to make students feel at ease. All of the rooms (single, double, triple) are furnished with a bed, mattress, pillow, desk, chair, heater, lighting, and other amenities that students may require for studying and relaxation.

Kharkiv National Medical University Ranking

According to, Kharkiv National Medical University holds 122nd rank in the country and its world rank is 7846. According to the QS World University rankings, it stands at 477th position. The Faculty Student Ratio is 72.9 and the International Students Ratio is 70.9.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Do I need to qualify NEET to admission into Kharkiv National Medical University?

Answer: Yes, qualifying the NEET exam is compulsory.

2. Is Kharkiv National Medical University affiliated with MCI?

Answer: Yes.

3.  Can I pursue post-graduation at Kharkiv National Medical University?

Answer: Yes. You can pursue post- graduation at Kharkiv National Medical University.

4. Do I need to learn Russian for studying MBBS at Kharkiv National Medical University?

Answer: All the programs at Kharkiv National Medical University are taught in Russian as well as English.

5. What is the flight duration from Delhi to Kharkiv?

Answer: It is a 15-hour duration with +2 stops.

 6. Is Indian food available for students at the KNMU?

Answer: Yes, there are Indian mess in the hostels.

Advantages of Studying at Kharkiv National Medical University

·  Education is affordable.

·  The accommodation is excellent with all the basic amenities.

·  There is a massive sports club and gymnasium with great equipment.

·  The faculty is experienced and helpful.

·  Kharkiv National Medical University is recognised by MCI, WHO, FEPS, General Medical Council.

·  Practical skills are taught excellently from the beginning of the program.

·  More than 1000 Indian Students are currently pursuing MBBS at KMNU.

·  NEET score is enough for admission and no entrance test is needed.