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Which MBBS batch will be the first to appear in NExT Exam?
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Which MBBS batch will be the first to appear in NExT Exam?

In 2019, the Government of India passed the National Medical Commission Bill, according to which, all MBBS graduates would be obliged to sit for an MBBS exit exam, fittingly titled the NExT or National Exit Test, as part of the proposed revisions in the National Medical Commission Bill 2019. This exam will be held to certify MBBS graduates as qualified doctors when they have completed their training. It will be more than merely an entrance exam for MBBS students seeking admission to postgraduate programmes. It will also serve as a licentiate as well as a screening test. The NExT exam intends to educate and train a new generation of medical professionals in the country.    

NExT is a standardised entrance exam for all undergraduate and graduate medical programmes. Once it is adopted, there will be no need for a separate admission examination for postgraduate medical courses such as NEET PG. All MBBS students must pass the licentiate examination in order to obtain the requisite licence to practise medicine. The NExT exam is required for Indian students who have completed their education in a foreign nation and wish to work in India.   

Graduates of MBBS programmes from colleges outside the country will be eligible to take the exam. Such students had previously been required to take the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam). As a result, it is expected that NEXT will also replace FMGE. However, NExT is expected to be more difficult than FMGE. The primary explanation given is that FMGE assesses candidates' knowledge using conceptual questions. NExT, on the other hand, will be based on clinical questions. NExT is expected to be implemented by 2022. The 2016 batch MBBS students will have to appear in the first NExT exam.  

Learn about National Medical Commission / Medical Council of India (MCI) :

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Eligibility Criteria for NExT

Medical students who intend to take NExT must meet the following criteria:

·  Medical aspirants from abroad who seek to obtain a licence to practise medicine in India.

·  NExT is open to final-year MBBS students who wish to pursue PG seats or internships in India.

Pattern for NExT

According to preliminary information obtained, National Exit Test (NExT) will be divided into two steps.

·  NExT-1 will be theory based

·  NExT-2 will be practical based

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NExT -1 will take place over the course of three days. It will consists of 2 phases, where one will be pre-lunch that is 3 hours long and another will be post lunch which is comparatively shorter. The post-lunch phase will be 1.5 hours long. There will be 540 MCQs in general.

The syllabus is as follows:

·  Medical & Allied-120 questions (3 hours) + Paediatric-60 questions (1.5 hours)

·  Surgery & Allied-120 questions (3 hours) + ENT- 60 questions (1.5 hours)

·  Obstetrics & Gynac-120 questions (3 hours) + Ophthalmology- 60 questions (1.5 hours)

Out of all the questions, 60% Problem Solving, 30% Comprehension and Analysis, 10% Recall.

10% questions will be from applied basic sciences and 10% from Preventive & Public Health.


NExT-1, also known as Prof IV part 1 will take place following the final year of MBBS and before the internship. Students will begin internship after passing NExT-1. Those who pass the theory exam (NExT-1) must also pass the practical exam (NExT-2) at the end of the internship. After internship, the NExT-1 score will assist you in obtaining a PG seat. NExT-1 will be valid for 2-3 years.

If you want to do an internship and acquire an MBBS degree, you must pass this exam (cut off will be decided by NMC). The exam will be conducted online and will determine your rank for admission to a postgraduate programme. Results will be secured in percentile.


·  NExT 2 is also known as Prof IV part 2.

·  Students who have passed NExT-1 are eligible to take NExT-2.

·  It is a pass/fail exam that incorporates a practical exam to assess the students' basic practical knowledge.

·  In order to practise medicine in India, you must pass the NExT-2 exam.

·  After passing NExT-1, you can begin your 12-month internship. You will receive your licence after passing this exam.

Number of Attempts

As of now, there is no limitations to the number of attempts.


You can understand the entire procedure briefly through this flowchart.

NExT Flowchart_Medical Mantra