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Top Medical Colleges in Bulgaria
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Top Medical Colleges in Bulgaria

Best Medical Colleges Across Bulgaria Offering Economical Medical Education to International Students:

Bulgaria has recently garnered prominence among MBBS applicants all around the world. Students prefer Bulgaria to other European nations because of the low-cost MBBS degrees given by state universities. Bulgarian universities are a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and ethnicities. Many medical students dream of studying medicine in Bulgaria at one of the country's premier medical schools. Bulgarian universities have educated over 5,000 international students in medicine and other fields.

Learn about MBBS in Bulgaria:

Here is a list of top performing medical school in the Bulgaria offering affordable education with the benefits of great infrastructure and well qualified faculty.

·         Sofia Medical University

Sofia Medical College_Medical Mantra

Sofia Medical University was founded in 1888 and is Bulgaria's first medical university. Sofia Medical University is well-known for its scientific research and specialised medical training, and it is regarded as one of Bulgaria's best universities. Sofia Medical University, with a world rating of 1147, is the most favoured alternative for medical applicants who seek to do MBBS from overseas. The institution has over 6,000 national and international students (about 1600 from outside the country), as well as over 800 professors and lecturers.

·         Medical University of Plovdiv 

Medical University of Plovdiv

Plovdiv Medical University was founded in 1945 and is noted for its several medical departments, including dentistry, public health, pharmacy, and specialised training. It offers degrees in medicine and dentistry that are recognised globally, including in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other nations. Plovdiv Medical University is a hospital with 2000 beds that provides care to a variety of patients. With over 130 experienced professors and famous scientists on staff, the university provides specialised instruction.

·         Varna Medical University

Varna Medical University

Varna Medical University was established in 1961. The university is a well-known and respected medical school with cutting-edge scientific and academic facilities for its students and faculty. Master's programmes in medical, dentistry, pharmacy, and public health are all well recognised at the university. There are also a number of postgraduate programmes available that focus on diagnostic and therapeutic education. Since 1961, the institution has graduated more than 8,351 Bulgarian students and 977 international students from more than 45 countries. It is home to approximately 18 professors, 78 deputy professors, and 284 assistant professors, many of whom are internationally recognised in their fields of medicine. All students have access to the university's state-of-the-art sports facilities, which include a variety of social and athletic clubs.

·         Pleven Medical University 

Pleven Medical University_Medical Mantra

Pleven Medical University is one of Bulgaria's five medical higher education schools. Pleven's sole university was founded in 1974 on the site of a former regional hospital that had been built in 1865. A big contemporary preclinical base, a hospital with specialist clinics, and research divisions are all housed at the institution. It consists of two faculties: the Faculty of Medicine, which focuses on medicine and rehabilitation and occupational therapy, and the Faculty of Public Health, which focuses on health care. Two hostels with a total of 315 beds in two- and three-bed rooms are also available. All theoretical, pre-clinical, and clinical departments required for higher medical education are available at the university. More than 6000 Bulgarian and international students from more than 30 countries have graduated from the university.

·         Trakia Medical University

Trakia Medical College_Medical Mantra

Trakia University is located in the Bulgarian town of Stara Zagora. The Veterinary College of Agriculture and Zoology and the Technical College of Yambol combined in 1995, forming the Veterinary College of Agriculture and Zoology. It is a recognised Eastern European university with worldwide accreditation. In Stara Zagora, the university boasts a beautiful campus with a large library and a university hospital. Every day, more than 600 highly skilled lecturers and tutors teach more than 6,500 students at the institution. Students receive training in cutting-edge medical departments that include 20 research labs and 16 diagnostic clinics.

Medicine is a 6-year programme that is totally taught in English. Students focus on pre-clinical study and theory for the first two years before moving on to clinical study between years three and five. From the second through the fourth year, students must participate in an obligatory practical summer programme. They complete an internship year of medical rotations in their last year. Students acquire the professional designation of physician or Doctor of Medicine (MD) and a master's degree after successfully completing all criteria. The qualifications are internationally recognised, and graduates can opt to continue their specialisation in Bulgaria or practise in other countries.

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