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Mari State Medical University, Russia
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Mari State Medical University, Russia

One of Russia's top medical schools, famous for its cutting-edge research, vibrant student life, athletics, and excellent faculty. Mari State Medical University provides a high-quality education at a low price, as well as a simple admission process and separate Indian living and dining facilities, which are significant advantages for Indian students seeking MBBS admission in Russia. 

Mari State University was founded as a non-profit public higher education school in Russia in 1972. The Russian Federation's Ministry of Science and Higher Education established it. Mari State University is located in Yoshkar-Ola that is the capital of Mari El Republic. Mari State University aims to make higher education more accessible to all students around the world, allowing them to develop holistically and prepare them as specialists to work in the field of health care, focusing on the development and implementation of innovative diagnostic, treatment, and prevention technologies while remaining humane and compassionate.


At Mari State University, academic and cultural events play an important role for the benefit of students. It allows them to gain more experience and develop a better understanding of their topic of study. Furthermore, the University gives students access to a library, which is one of Russia's most prestigious libraries. The library collaborates with several university centers. There are 12 Departments, 7 Reading Halls, and 7 Subscriptions in the library.

About the City


Yoshkar-Ola is the capital of the Mari El Republic. Following the Russian conquest of the Mari region in 1584, the city was founded as a military fortress. Several bus and railway connections connect Yoshkar-Ola to different cities and towns. Trains run regularly from Yoshkar-Ola railway station to and from Moscow city. Yoshkar-Ola is about 9 kilometers north of the airport. Flights to and from Moscow's Yoshkar-Ola Airport are available regularly. The climate in Yoshkar-Ola is really pleasant. Summers are pleasant and partially cloudy, but winters are lengthy, cold, snowy, and gloomy. The city's main attractions include the National Art Gallery, Museum of Yoshkar-Ola History, Green-domed Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Riverside Republican Puppet, and others.

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Faculties & Courses Offered  


Mari State University offers an excellent general medicine (MBBS) program. The MBBS curriculum takes six years to complete. The academic and theoretical knowledge are featured first. The 1.5-year clinical rotation includes the actual learning experiences.


The University is divided into six faculties and five institutes, with over 100 faculty members that are experts in their fields. Mari State University is the most favored university in Russia among Indian students since it is an affordable medical university in Russia that does not compromise on quality standards. Among the overall number of students studying MBBS at Mari State University, there is a high proportion of Indian students. As a result, Mari State University is constantly on the lookout for methods to provide the greatest possible facilities to Indian students pursuing an MBBS degree at Mari State University.

Mari State University Admission Process


A minimum of 60% marks in Chemistry, Biology, and English is required to get into Mari State University. Candidates who have passed the NEET exam and have the required NEET score are eligible to apply to Mari State University. The candidate must be at least 17 years old. 


Documents required:

  • 10th and 12th Marksheet 
  • NEET mark sheet
  • International passport (Original+ notary translated in Russian)
  • Birth certificate (Original+ Notary translated in Russian)
  • Passport size photos 
  • Medical insurance (Original + Copy) 
  • Payment slip of application fee (Original + Copy)
  • Visa application form filled
  • Invitation letter from the University (Original + Copy)

A short step-by-step preliminary guide to getting admission into Mari State University..

  • The students must submit a completed application form as well as any other required documentation. Documents can be sent by email.
  • The students must then pay the university and wait for the invitation letter to arrive.
  • Once the institution sends you an invitation letter, you can go to the Russian Embassy and proceed further.  
  • Furthermore, students should inform the university of their expected arrival date. So that the airport pick and drop facilities can be organized by the university.

Mari State Medical University Courses_Medical Mantra

Mari State Medical University Fee Structure


Medicine (English Medium)

Fees (in USD)

1st year

$ 5500

2nd-6th year

$ 4500


$ 500 (per year)

Medical Insurance + Registration Fee etc.

$ 1500 (only to be paid once)

The first year includes expenses like medical card issuance, airport pick-up services which are only meant to be paid once. Hostel fee is the same for all years.

Mari State University Hostel


Mari State University prioritizes student comfort and hygiene. In its dormitories, Mari State University provides accommodations for all foreign students. On-campus, there are eight dorms to choose from. Students are housed in dorms that can accommodate up to 6 persons in a room and up to 8 persons in a room. Beds, desks, chairs, lamps, and bookshelves are provided in these rooms. Rooms have a shared kitchen, toilet, and shower. Students residing on campus are provided with complete protection. For the protection and security of the students, 24-hour CCTV monitoring, electronic access to hostels, security guards at every mandatory checkpoint, and other precautions are provided.


Indian food is available in the mess of dormitories, which is an added benefit for Indian students. Scientific communities, interest clubs, sports schools, volunteering, charitable work, public service, cultural events, and other activities are all available at Mari State University. Students have access to a variety of sports facilities, including mini-football, a track, a field compound, a gym, indoor basketball and volleyball courts, and exercise rooms.

Mari State University Ranking and Recognition


Mari State University stands at the 135th position in the country and its world rank is 3250.


Mari State University's medical degree is recognized by organizations like the ECFMG, FAIMER, and WDOMS, as well as medical councils in countries like India, Canada, and Australia.



  • Affordable for International Students.
  • Well qualified faculty with years of teaching experience.
  • NEET score is enough for getting admission. There is no entrance test.
  • MCI Screening Test training is also available for the students to ensure good results for passing the test.
  • The MBBS program is entirely taught in English.
  • Indian mess is available for Indian students.
  • The University is recognized by WHO and NMC.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


1.  Is there an entrance exam to get admission into Mari State University?

Answer: No, there is no entrance exam.

2. What measures does the university take to ensure the safety of its students?

Answer: Students living on campus are provided with a high level of security, which includes 24-hour CCTV monitoring, electronic access to hostels, security guards at all required checkpoints, and much more.

3. Is Indian food available to students at the university?

Answer: Yes, Mari State University offers superb Indian food via the Indian mess.

4. What is the length of Mari State University's MBBS program?

Answer: The MBBS curriculum takes six years to complete.

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