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Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, the most searched Medical university in Kyrgyzstan
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Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, the most searched Medical university in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has recently become a hub for international students aiming to pursue MBBS abroad. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is one of the oldest and most searched for medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. It is amongst the highest-ranked government universities offering high standard education along with experienced faculty and a vast campus area with excellent infrastructure. Students at Kyrgyz State Medical University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, are not constrained to lecture rooms, they can also experience practical exposure at the well-equipped labs and gain a plethora of knowledge at the enormous libraries. At Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, students have the most substantial chance to interact in numerous extra-curricular activities, like conferences, symposiums, clinical circles, seminars, and projects which enhances their overall knowledge on the subject. 

Located in Bishkek, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is a government medical college for study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Founded in 1939, Kyrgyz State Medical University is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is one of the best medical academies among all medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. It is affiliated and approved by WHO and MCI, FAIMER, and IMED. Students who wish to pursue their masters abroad in countries like the USA, UK, New Zealand, etc are trained to appear for USMLE, PLAT, NZREX. Moreover, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has the highest FMGE passing percentage in entire Kyrgyzstan. The academy aims to apply the most contemporary methods and advanced technology in teaching international students.


At Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, the medium of instruction is English for all the courses, hence, language is not a barrier. All clinical hospitals attached to the college are technologically equipped to train students well. All types of diagnostics and tests, thermo-vision, angiographies, endoscopic techniques, treatment by hyperbaric oxygenations, laser therapies, and efferent methods of detoxication are taught by the skilled and qualified faculty.



After learning about the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Admission Process. Let’s learn about the courses offered by the University. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy offers an array of courses closely related to medicine.


Here is a list of courses offered along with their brief description.


· General Medicine (MBBS): The medical faculty of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy trains students to become General Practitioner through this program. After graduating from this program, a student may undergo postgraduate training as a general practitioner or choose to train in specialties such as therapists, surgeons, neuropathologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, traumatologists, oculists, oncologists, dermatologists, infectious diseases, and other specialist physicians.


· General Medicine with English language training: Besides studying with medicine, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy offers a course where the faculty teaches English to international students. This opens their gates to practice medicine in foreign too.

· Dentistry: The profession of a dentist covers a fairly wide range of activities. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy faculty teaches the students to be disciplined and thoroughly trained to treat any ailments related to teeth, periodontal, oral mucosa, and the maxillofacial area. It is a 5-year course on the basis of secondary education.


· Pediatrics: The Pediatric Faculty at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy was opened in 1956, with more than 7300 pediatricians trained over the years of the Faculty's existence. The Pediatric Faculty prepares highly skilled pediatric specialists with profound theoretical and practical knowledge on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of common childhood diseases. The duration of this course is 6 years. 


· Pharmacy: Pharmacy refers to the science or practice of the preparation and dispensing of medicinal drugs. The KSMA faculty provides detailed and thorough knowledge of the composition and usage of drugs to treat the ailment of the patient. This course educates experts on pharmaceutical tasks to maintain and improve professional expertise.


· Medical and Preventive Care: Under this particular course, the main aim of the faculty is to train the students in the field of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance. This sector holds huge potential as it is engaged in the prevention and reduction of morbidity in the population, assessing the impact of environmental factors, conducting scientific research in the field of hygiene and epidemiology, developing quality and risk management in health care, ensuring rational management at different levels of health authorities. It is a 6-year course on the basis of secondary education.


· Nursing: The Department of Nursing at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy prepares medical personnel in the specialty "Nursing" and after graduation is awarded the qualification degree. The faculty trains qualified pedagogical and management specialists with professional competence in the field of patient care and skills of effective management, the ability to rationally use resources, and a clear organization of work of the personnel of health care institutions of various profiles. The standard term of training is 5 years on the basis of secondary education.

· Postgraduate Medical Education: The goal of the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is to train qualified specialists to provide various types of medical and medico-social assistance to the population. The main activity of the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education (FPME) is aimed at the implementation of postgraduate training of graduates of medical universities for independent practice activities, which are issued a state-recognized certificate, which legally confirms the right to practice medicine in the specialty.



Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Admission process is quite simple. The following criteria need to be fulfilled by the candidate to get a seat at KSMA. Students require the following documentation to enroll in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

 - Scanned copy of Passport

 - 10th and 10+2 mark sheet

 - Passport size photographs with white background

 - NEET Result copy 

 - Medical fitness certificates

After discovering the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Admission process, here are the Eligibility Criteria for pursuing MBBS at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

- 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in secondary education

 - Students from India should have qualified NEET securing at least 50 percentile (for General Category) and 40 percentile (for Reserved Category).

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy provides an admission confirmation within 24 hours. The Academy issues an admission letter under the name of the student after verifying the scanned documents. Students are asked to submit their original passport and other original documents with required affidavits post this process. Within 15 working days, you are likely to obtain ministry approval along with the following documents.

 - Ministry Accreditation

 - Invitation Letter

 - Ministry Approval

 - Accommodation Letter

Students can deposit university fees directly after they arrive at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. After confirmation from the Kyrgyzstan Embassy, the officials from the university submit the student’s passport for Visa Stamping. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Admission Process is totally hassle-free. The management and faculty make the entire process super easy and convenient for international students.



Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Fee structure is quite affordable for regional as well as international students. However, it changes every year. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Fee structure has been fixed at 4,500 USD per year which is approximately INR 3,15,000 per annum. For a course of 5 years, the total amount turns out to be INR 16 – 18 lakhs. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Fee structure also includes other expenses like hostel fee and mess fee. These three major expenses make up the entire amount that needs to be paid by an international student. 

For a more detailed Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Fee structure, students must go through the following details.

One-time charges payable to the university include- 

 - Coaching for MCI Screening Test: Regular Teaching & Coaching by Indian Faculty for all 5 years, this service is also active in India during Summer Break. 

 - IT study material: Online medical E-learning program with question bank for all subjects in the MD Program. 

 - FMGE & PG Entrance Examinations

 - Airport Pick Up and Drop service at the Hostel 

 - Mess & Library Enrolment 

 - Student I-Card issuance

 - Practical training in Indian Hospitals in 3rd & 4th year for 4 weeks 

 - Immigration Clearance 

 - Visa Extension (Study Visa for one year)  

 - Police registration. 

The above stated Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Fee structure varies depending upon the facilities and choices opted by the student. It should be noted that the tuition fee must be paid directly to the academy through bank transfer or as advised by the University. Also, there are different prices for accommodations, so hostel charges depend on the availability of the room and the accommodation type opted for by the student at the time of arrival at the University. Food Charges depend on the student’s lifestyle diversifies around 100 USD per month maximum. It is advised to use the current currency rate for calculations and the student has to pay the rates prevailing on the date of conversion. Admission charges are extra Indian students.


Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has six hostels out of which 3 hostels placed in the area of the main campus and three hostels near the main campus. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel arrangement is different for local students and international students. It is advised that international students opt for International Students Hostel as those hostels are well equipped with all the essentials needs of a foreign student. These needs include comfortable and fully furnished rooms, good internet access in all rooms and amenities like hot water, etc. The students are provided with clean food and water at the hostel. Indian food mess is available for students.

International Students live in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel No. 1, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel No. 7, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel No. 8. There is a separate hostel, that is made for the complete safety of girls. Girls only live in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel No. 8. All the rooms are spacious and they are under complete protection and surveillance 24×7. Guards are present for the security of students at every hour. Moreover, Anti-ragging regulations to protect students from any act of ragging, teasing, or bullying.

Facilities for students are arranged on a sharing basis. On additional payment, International students can also engage and live in other hostels, flats, and so on. For better and useful cultural exchange, international students can also live with local students. There are common areas, multimedia centers, leisure rooms, reading rooms, etc. for students where they can socialize. Readily available services at walking distance from the main hostel campus. All the necessary comforts are provided to students in and around the campus.


Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Ranking has been showing a steady increase over the years. Founded in 1939, the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Ranking is quite high in the country. It holds Seventh Position in the country and the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Ranking is gradually increasing and has now reached 8185th position in the world. 

Though there is no official ranking given for Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, there are multiple websites that have given the following information on Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Ranking.

According to 4icu Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Ranking stands in the 7th position in the country and on the 8185th rank worldwide. Another website called Webometrics awarded Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Ranking with the following ranks

 - Ranking: 4

 - World rank: 8114

 - Presence Rank: 7005

 - Impact rank: 17362

 - Openness Rank: 5819

- Excellence Rank: 4676

According to Unipage, awarded Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Ranking is as follows:

 - World rank: 11007

 - Country Rank: 11



 - Does Kyrgyz State Medical Academy require NEET Score?

   Answer: Yes, students require a NEET Score to get admission into Kyrgyz State Medical Academy 

 - Is it difficult to get admission to Kyrgyz State Medical Academy?

   Answer: No, the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy admission process is completely hassle-free and convenient for International students.

 - What are the best countries for MBBS abroad?

   Answer: Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, etc are some of the best countries to study MBBS abroad.


 - Is MBBS in Kyrgyzstan affordable?

    Answer: Yes. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is affordable and cheaper as compared to other European and Asian Countries. 



- Affordable for International Students.

- Well Qualified faculty with 80 years of teaching experience.

- There is no entrance test. NEET score is enough for admission.

- Medical faculty is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Public health of the Kyrgyz republic.

- It has the Second Largest Anatomy Lab in the World

- MCI Screening Test coaching is available with the students to ensure good results for passing the test.

- MBBS is entirely taught in English.

- Indian mess is available for the betterment of Indian students.

- Separate hostel for girls ensuring safety and protection.

- All the Hospitals of Bishkek city are affiliated with KSMA.

- Affiliated and recognized by WHO and MCI, FAIMER, and IMED. 

- More than 1800 Indian Students are currently studying MBBS at KSMA.