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Kursk State Medical University, Russia
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Kursk State Medical University, Russia

The Kursk State Medical University, which was founded in 1935, is located in the city of Kursk, Russia. The Kursk State Medical University is a well-known educational institution that offers a world class medical education to students pursuing an MBBS degree.   

Kursk State Medical University holds a respectable position worldwide. This university has the distinction of being the oldest medical university in the world, teaching Medical, Dentistry, and Pharmacy programmes in English and housing the largest number of international students from various nationalities in its many fields. Thousands of overseas students have graduated from the University over the years and gone on to have successful professions. Now there are students from over 50 different nations studying with the University. This diversity helps to create a vibrant and inviting community that should makes the student feel at ease and at home.   

The Kursk State Medical University library receives over 300,000 visitors every year, serves 20,000 users, and distributes 600,000 publications. The library features reading rooms in all of the university buildings, with a total area of over 1750 square metres. There are currently five specialised circulation departments (educational medical literature, social and humanitarian literature and fiction, pharmaceutical literature, scientific literature, foreign literature), three specialised reading halls, catalogues halls, and electronic library halls, as well as the department of the medical pharmaceutical college library, within the library structure.    

About the City   

With over 50000 university students, a lot of magnificent sites, and a vast and fascinating list of things to see and do, Kursk is the ideal location for a relaxed and pleasurable student lifestyle. Kursk is a lovely city with a diverse range of things to see and do, including museums and historic city sites, as well as outdoor activities and much more. When in Kursk, you're never far from a park. The Kursk region is home to 44 nationalities and nearly every religious confession. There is no shortage of wonderful places to eat in Kursk. You'll be able to find something to fit your tastes among the many restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars available. The region's transportation infrastructure is well-developed. There are several motorways and a rail network connection. Passengers are served by air from the terminals of Kursk Airport, which qualifies as an international air harbour. Buses, trolleybuses, trams, and minibuses are examples of intracity transportation.

Admission open for 2021-22 in Kursk State Medical University:

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Faculties and Courses Offered

A general medicine curriculum is available at Kursk State Medical University. The medical degree is designed to meet the requirements of the General Medical Council. Graduates will get a Degree in General Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, Physician in General Medicine, which is equal to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, after completing the six-year programme. The well-built research facilities provide the infrastructure and academic environment needed to enable the long-term development and extension of medical research that addresses present concerns and benefits in the future.

The University encourages interdisciplinary collaboration among doctors and scientists and is well-equipped for teaching, research, and conferences. The curriculum is designed to prepare trained physicians who are interested in practising medicine. Medical students and residents are evaluated on their abilities to communicate with patients, take patient histories, and assess diagnosis and treatment using standardised patients.

The courses available at Kursk State Medical University are as follows:

·  General Medicine

·  Paediatrics

·  Dentistry

·  Nursing

·  Post-Graduation

Kursk State Medical University Admission Process

A minimum of 60% marks in Chemistry, Biology and English is required to get into Kursk State Medical University. Candidates who have passed the NEET exam and have the required NEET score are eligible to apply to Kursk State Medical University. Candidate must be at least 17 years old.

Documents required:

·  10th and 12th Marksheet

·  NEET marksheet

·  International passport (Original+ notary translated in Russian)

·  Birth certificate (Original+ Notary translated in Russian)

·  Passport size photos

·  Medical insurance (Original + Copy)

·  Payment slip of application fee (Original + Copy)

·  Visa application form filled

·  Invitation letter from the University (Original + Copy)

Short step by step preliminary guide to get admission into Kursk State Medical University.

·   The students must submit a completed application form as well as any other required documentation. Documents can be sent by email.

·   The students must then pay the university and wait for the invitation letter to arrive.

·   Once the institution sends you an invitation letter, you can go to the Russian Embassy and proceed further.  

·   Furthermore, students should inform the university of their expected arrival date. So that the airport pick and drop facilities can be organized by the university.

Learn about NEET 2021:

Kursk State Medical University Fee Structure


Fees (in USD)

General Medicine

$5100 (per year)


$1000 (per year)

Note: First year includes expenses like medical insurance, airport pick up services which are only meant to be paid once.
Hostel fee is same for all years.

Kursk State Medical University Hostel

Kursk State Medical University offers an excellent hostel facility. The hostel’s proximity to the main campus, which provides quick access to all Kursk State Medical University campuses, a wide choice of amenities, and good public transportation connections. Professional security, as well as a CCTV and fire alarm system, protect our facilities. Many students opt to reside in these private flats because they are available for rent at a reasonable price in Kursk. Along with the vast assortment of food in the buffets, canteens offer students a variety of main meals, side dishes, and inexpensive daily menus. Students have access to several fast-food and cafés that surround the university due to its placement in the middle of the city centre. There are 900 seats in the canteen, which includes canteens for clinical hospital workers.

On and around campus, there is an Active Students programme that offers free sports programmes. The students participate in a variety of activities, including sports, artistic, social, and other intellectual pursuits, as well as enriching activities. Kursk State Medical University campus life includes something for everyone, regardless of their interests.

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Kursk State Medical University Ranking and Recognition

Kursk State Medical University holds 186th position in Russia and the worldwide position is 4344.

Major organisations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Medical Commission (NMC) accept Kursk State Medical University's MBBS degree. Students who complete their MBBS at Kursk State University are eligible to return to India and work after clearing an FMGE.

The passing percentage for FMGE at Kursk State Medical University is 34.42%. 

Latest update on FMGE:


- Cheap for International Students. 

- Exams like IELTS or TOEFL are not needed.

- NEET score is enough for getting admission. There is no entrance test.

- MCI Screening Test training is also available for the students to ensure good results for passing the test.

- MBBS programme is entirely taught in English.

- Indian mess is available for Indian students.

- The University is recognized by WHO and NMC.

- The FMGE passing percentage is 34.42%.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  What is the duration of the medical programme?

Answer: It is a 6 year programme including a 1 year internship.

2. Does Kursk State Medical University offer hostel facilities?

Answer: Yes. Hostel facilities are available at Kursk State Medical University.

3. Is there an entrance exam to get admission into Kursk State Medical University?

Answer: No, there is no additional entrance exam apart from NEET.

4. Is there an Indian food mess available?

Answer: Yes. There is an Indian food mess offering delicious food.

For further details: